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The Ripken Way

Perseverance. Integrity. An unwavering commitment to be-and do-our best. That's The Ripken Way.


Inspire athletes through remarkable experiences The Ripken Way.


Elevate every player's potential on the field - and in life.


Keep it Simple:

Simplicity empowers the message.

Explain the Why:

Purpose drives the human spirit.

Celebrate the Individual:

Fuel their willpower to succeed.

Have Fun:

Joy shatters the limits of what we can achieve - the game is supposed to be fun.

Nine Innings; Nine Values


"It's not practice that makes perfect... but perfect practice that makes perfect." - Cal Ripken, Sr.


"If we do all the little things right, then we'll never have a big thing to worry about." - Cal Ripken, Sr.


"You could be a kid for as long as you want when you play baseball." - Cal Ripken, Jr.


"Everything starts with the basic fundamentals and the willingness to work hard and practice good habits." - Cal Ripken, Sr.


"It wouldn't be much of a stretch to say baseball is my life." - Cal Ripken, Sr.


"It's always nice, from your own side, to hear your teammates rooting for you." - Cal Ripken, Sr.


"Baseball's just a walk of life. Everything you do in this game you do in life. And everything you do in life you do in this game." - Cal Ripken, Sr.


"It's the first and only time in the history of Major League Baseball that a father managed his two sons at the same time; it's pretty cool." - Bill Ripken


"It's a simple little game played with a bat, a ball and a glove. The bat is round, the ball is round, and then someone says, 'Hit it square!'" - Cal Ripken, Sr.