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Ripken Spotlight - Lauren Morris: Rising Through the Ranks of Ripken Baseball

By Ripken Baseball, 03/13/19, 10:30AM EDT



The Ripken Experience Aberdeen Powered by Under Armour is unique to Ripken Baseball in several ways: it was the first of The Ripken Experience complexes, it’s hosted more games, tournaments, and camps than the others, and it’s home to Ripken Baseball’s first female Assistant General Manager, Lauren Morris.

A Harford County native, Lauren grew up on a dairy farm, played sports her entire life, and has never strayed too far from the Baltimore area. She was named captain of the Hornets soccer team at Shenandoah University her freshman year, and played all four years she attended.

“It’s not something that happens very often but I was honored to be named captain and ran with the leadership role. I’ve always tried to lead by example and I think that’s translated off the soccer field as well,” Lauren said.

That’s not the only time she’s taken on responsibility, run with it, and hit it out of the park. Lauren’s story with Ripken Baseball began in 2011 as head intern for the Cal Ripken World Series, where she arranged host families for international teams, handled team logistics and travel accommodations, and oversaw a variety of other tasks. 

Lauren worked her way up the ladder and became the lead event manager for the Cal Ripken World Series, and then transitioned to working at The Ripken Experience Aberdeen in 2017. She’s now the Assistant General Manager and supervises a variety of operations at the complex, including tournament logistics, groundskeeping, new program development, and on-site experience for guests. You name it, Lauren does it.

“I’ve been around the complex for a long time and have managed a variety of events and tournaments. I think that experience has helped me get to where I am today,” she said. “No two days are the same, and I’m lucky to be able to use my past experiences here and feel comfortable making sure our guests and their families have a great time while they’re visiting us.”

Her familiarity, selflessness, and commitment to ensuring ball players and their families have a fun experience are what make Lauren invaluable to the Ripken Baseball team.

As a self-described “behind-the-scenes-type,” Lauren is quick to shy away from the praise. Instead, she credits her work ethic to the joy she sees when players arrive at The Ripken Experience Aberdeen and bond over the game that brought them there in the first place.

“Teams from different backgrounds and countries with language barriers play pick-up games all the time. You’ll see Hawaii playing Japan – the two teams can’t understand each other verbally, but to see them smiling, shaking hands, encouraging each other, and bonding over their love of the game – that’s what it’s all about,” she said.

A love for the game – something that transcends languages, ethnicities, and genders and motivates us to give it our all – is what makes every day special for Lauren.

“I’d encourage everyone to find their passion and go after it,” she said. “I did, and it’s allowed me to find joy in even the most difficult of days and inspired me to try my best every single day.”