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May I bring my pet?

Pets are not permitted at any complex unless they are necessary for documented medical purposes. 

Are smoking or alcoholic beverages allowed?

No alcohol or tobacco products will be permitted on any of our complexes. Failure to adhere to this rule will result in ejection from the property.

May I bring my own food and drink?

Yes, however we have a strict "leave no trace" trash policy. Concessions will also be available for purchase on site.

Is there seating for Family members and fans?

Yes. Each complex features grass berm seating, as well as  picnic tables and bleachers. We also recommend bringing your own blankets and portable chairs.

Will first aid staff be present?

Yes, a full-service first aid team will be on site to handle any emergency situations or routine medical needs.

What will happen in the event of inclement weather?

If the fields are judged unsafe, we will suspend, postpone, reschedule, or cancel games as needed. We will do everything in our power to remain as on-schedule as we can.

We will always attempt to make sure each team plays its minimum number of games, and we will attempt to have a championship game.

Parking & Admission

Are there parking fees?

No, parking is free at The Ripken Experience Pigeon Forge.

Is there handicap accessible parking?


Is there transportation from the parking lots to the entrance to the fields?

Yes, golf carts will be provided for those who need assistance.

Are there admission fees?

Admission to all Ripken Experience complexes and fields is free.

Payment plan, Credit, & Refunds

What are the credit and Refund Policies?

Credit and refund policies can be found here.

What is the 2021 Week-Long experience payment schedule?

The 2021 Week-Long Experience Payment Schedule can vary based on your time of registration, please call 410-306-7575 for more information.

How do the Wait lists work?

Once an event is sold out, interested teams will be directed online to join the wait list, free of charge. Teams on the wait list will be contacted immediately on a first come, first serve basis if openings occur.

What are the chances that my team gets off of the wait list and into a tournament?

Each instance varies. We will always be transparent surrounding capacity-related issues, and be in touch as soon as an opening occurs.

Rules & Regulations

Bat Rules

Ripken Baseball will not be making changes to current bat rules for the 2021 season at any locations. For detailed bat rules, click here.


All age groups are determined by the April 30th cut-off date. Click here for more information.

What are the rules and regulations?

Tournament rules and regulations can be found here.

Do teams need to bring their own equipment?

Yes. We only provide game balls; teams must supply the rest.

Do teams need to bring their own uniforms?

Yes. We encourage teams to proudly represent themselves and their home towns through their uniforms.

Will water be provided?

Yes. Water and cups will be provided for each team in their respective dugouts.

Schedules & Results

When will my tournament schedule be released?

All tournament schedules are released 3 - 5 days in advance of each event.

Where are schedules & results located online?

Click here to visit our Schedules & Results page.

Be sure to download the Tourney Machine mobile app through the iTunes or Google Play store for all game-day results and alerts.

View Registered Teams

Follow the link below to view registered teams for a Pigeon Forge Tournament.

Meet the Teams »

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